Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  Dec 3, 2019, 9:00 AM, Los Olivos Room, CH2

Meeting Attendees:  Rick Gehman, Jim Keitges, Len Paganini, Bob Keeler, Joe Rhodes, Frank Harrison, Marv Lemmon, Don Beckhart, Frank Hulawat, Leonard Lin

Missing Board Members:  Dave Emal

Meeting Notes:

1.       The President Rick Gehman brought the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.


2.      Committee Reports


a.      Rick Gehman

-- Introduced Frank Hulawat as a new member of the board.  Frank will be taking over the Board Secretary’s job from Joe Rhodes beginning in January.

-- Stated that Leonard Lin’s tasks associated with the Communications Committee would be taken over by Dave Emal starting in January 2020.

                       b.    Dave Emal (items provided by Rick Gehman)


-- Made a motion to raise the member’s fee for attending the bi-monthly breakfast since we currently are losing about $2.50 per person on the breakfast.  The board voted not to raise the fee now but wait and look at the club’s finances at the end of the year.


--Speakers for the breakfasts in January and March have been finalized.  The speaker in January will speak on refinishing golf clubs, and the speaker in March will address fitting the right set of clubs to the golfer.


--The “Youth Challenge” has been scheduled again this coming year on July 29th.


--Suggested that we add a page to the web site and list the logos, names, and links to the sponsors of the Roster Book.  This action was approved, and Frank Harrison will take action to make this happen.


-c.  Frank Harrison (Software)

--reported that the new World Handicap System (WHS) will be arriving in January 2020 and it will replace the existing USGA Handicap System that the club has been using in the past.  The WHS web site is a good source of information about the new handicap system.

--Main impact to our club, is that the software will calculate the handicaps based on the best 8 scores out of the last 20 recorded scores; and it allows only a +2 strokes over par for each hole.  This means for Course 3, the highest is 18 + 35 or 53 total as opposed to the current method which allows a max of 3 strokes over par for each hole.  This should also help to speed up play.

--the board voted to accept this software as the club’s handicap software.  Also the board felt that the three levels A, B, and C would have to be redefined once this software goes into effect in January 2020.


                     -d.    Bob Keeler (Membership)

-- reported that 96 members had renewed their memberships for 2020, leaving about 30 or so more that still need to send in their $35 fee for 2020.

--suggested that a list of names for those members that have not yet renewed their memberships be kept at the sign in desk, so they can be told they cannot play in 2020 until they have paid their dues.  The board voted to accept this suggestion. 

--reported that Bob Bachelor has actively contacted past Roster Book sponsors and is working on getting additional sponsors for 2020. 

--requests that those responsible for the various sections of the Roster Book, review the 2019 Roster Book entries and see what needs to be updated.  He needs these updates as soon as possible. 

-d. Joe Rhodes (Treasurer)                                                                             

--reported that the club is solvent.   The fees associated with the 96 members who have renewed for 2020 has added $3,326 to the bank account.   Roster Book ads have contributed another $500 so far and helps bring our total account now to $7800.  Bob Keeler feels that we can expect another 30 or more additional membership renewals so that can add another $1000.  As the Roster Book sponsors provide their fees in the coming year, it should put us over the $9,000 which is close to where we started this year.


                      -f.  Len Paganini (Tournaments)


--reported that Toys for Tots effort will end with this December 4th Wednesday tournament.  So please bring the toys you have collected to the sign in desk.


--Med-EX Cup participants are set, and the tournament is scheduled for the 11th and 18th of December. 


--reports that he is planning on adding an additional tournament to the 2020 schedule.



-g. The Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM         


Joe Rhodes, Club Secretary