To:      D. Beckhart             M. Nussbaum *                     Date 06-Apr-2021

R. Gehman *           L. Paganni   *                                  From:  F. Hulewat *

            F. Harrison *        J.Rhodes *                                                 

            J. Keitges     *          M. Lemmon 

            J. Marshall    *


Subject:   9 Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes 06-Apr-2021

M. Nussbaum opened the meeting at 9:00am

1)    Closed Items

a)   Issued the 2021 president’s statement for the web site.   

b)   Posted president’s statement to web site.    

c)    Club by-laws added to website. 

d)   New website prototype called “Club Manager” has been evaluated.

e)    Existing club website manager will disappear in Oct 2021

f)     Current handicap program will remain as is.

2)    New Business

a)    Weekly meetings of Greens Committee will Start Thursday Apr 8th from 10:00-11:00am.  First meetings will be held on Zoom.  M. Nussbaun and F. Hulewat will represent the 9 Hole Club.

b)   The new club site is This site is in beta testing.  Board members asked to review and give input to F. Harrison by next meeting

c)    Issue raised about walkers using certain portions of the cart path.  Warning signs may or may not be posted to warn walkers since they are permitted to walk on certain sections of the two of the three courses.

d)   Agreed that club will start collecting fees once clubhouses are reopened and a room assigned to the 9 Hole Club

e)     Agreed to add a 4th trophy for the 4th flight.  This will be award in conjunction with the other 3 flight trophies for low gross honors

3)    Open items

a)    Board members asked to review and give input to F. Harrison by next meeting. All

4)     Treasury update

i)     J. Rhodes reported that the club treasury stands around $13,400 to date 



Meeting was adjourned at 9:45Closeddam


Next meeting will be 01- June 2021