To:     R. Gehman*            M. Nussbaum*                                     Date:  16-Dec-2020

          F. Harrison             L. Paganni*                                         From   F. Hulewat*

          J. Keitges*             J. Rhodes

          J. Marshall




Subject:   Revised 9 Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes 01-Dec-2020


The revision to these meeting minutes is addition of item No. 7.  This item details the addition of a 4th handicap flight to our club.

1)    R. Gehman opened the meeting at 9:00am.  He has officially passed the position of president to Mark Nussbaum. Congratulations Mark

2)    In addition to current tournament play implemented 12-Oct 2020, additional tournaments will begin in January 2021.  These will be published by L. Paganni in the coming weeks. 

3)    Both D. Emal and B. Keeler have stepped down from the board as of 01- Nov-2020.

4)    J. Rhodes reported in a previous email that the club treasury stands at $12,344 as of the end of Nov 2020 

5)    The Paid Membership Renewals now stands at 90 and unpaid members now stands at 53

6)    Discussed possibility of eliminating the club roster books.  This item was tabled and will be discussed at the next meeting.

7)    The board agreed to add a 4th handicap flight which will be implemented in January, 2021.  The flight upper limits are as follows:

a)    Upper index limit for Men's Flight A is 10.9 – Handicap 10

b)    Upper index limit for Men's Flight B to 14.1 – Handicap 13

c)    Upper index limit for Men's Flight C to 18.3 – Handicap 17

d)    Upper index limit for Men's Flight D to 37.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:37am


Next meeting will be in February 2021