To:      D. Beckhart             M. Nussbaum *                     Date 01-June-2021

R. Gehman *           L. Paganni                                       From:  F. Hulewat *

            F. Harrison *        J.Rhodes *                                                 

            J. Keitges     *                     

            J. Marshall    *


Subject:   Revised 9 Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes 01-June-2021

M. Nussbaum opened the meeting at 9:00am

1)    Closed Items

a)    The new club site is This site is in beta testing.  Will continue to run in parallel with existing club wet site.  No issues reported to date.

b)   Current handicap program will remain as is.

c)    Agreed to add a 4th trophy for the 4th flight.  This will be award in conjunction with the other 3 flight trophies for low gross honors

d)   Agreed that club will start collecting tournament fees once clubhouses are reopened and a room assigned to the 9 Hole Club

e)    Marv Lemon has turned in his resignation effective immediately

f)     Scores can be posted in the club house.

2)    New Business

a)    Update giving on Greens Committee by M. Nussbaum.

3)    Open items-

a)    Once club house opens and a room assigned will need volunteers to man the check-in desk.

4)    Treasury update

i)     J. Rhodes reported that the club treasury stands around $13,006 to date 



Meeting was adjourned at 9:30am


Next meeting will be 03- Aug-2021