To:      D. Beckhart *          M. Nussbaum *                     Date 02-Feb-2021

R. Gehman *           L. Paganni                                       From:  F. Hulewat *

            F. Harrison *        J.Rhodes *                                                 

            J. Keitges                 J. Rhodes *

            J. Marshall




Subject:   9 Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes 02-Feb-2021


1)    M. Nussbaum opened the meeting at 9:00am. 

2)   Need to issue a 2021 president’s statement for the web site.  M. Nussbaum 

3)    Post president’s statement to web site.   F. Harrison

4)    Club by-laws to be added to website.  F. Harrison

5)    New website program called “Club Manager” is being evaluated.  Existing club wedsite manager will disappear in Oct 2021.  Current handicap program will remain as is. A prototype of new website manager under evaluation will be sent to M. Nussbaum & R. Gehman for comment.  F. Harrison

6)    J. Rhodes reported that the club treasury stands around $13,800 to date 

7)    Next tournament payout will be end of March 2021

8)    The paid membership Renewals now stands at 131 and unrenewed membership is about 15-20

9)    Agreed to suspend club roster books for this year.  This item will be addressed next year.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:35am


Next meeting will be 06- April 2021