To:      D. Emal*                     M. Nussbaum*                                               Date:  07-Oct 2020

            R. Gehman*               L. Paganni*                                                    From   F. Hulewat*

            F. Harrison*               J. Rhodes*

            B. Keeler*

            J. Keitges*

            J. Marshal*


Subject:  Corrected Men’s 9 Hole Golf Club Board Meeting

            Minutes 06-Oct-2020

1)    R. Gehman opened the meeting at 9:00am.  He stated that his term is up at the end of this year and that Mark Nussbaum will become the new president starting in December 2020. Rick will remain as a board member and handle the scheduling duties.

a)    R. Gehman also reported on status of some of members

2)    Tournament Play will begin week of 12-Oct-2020. 

a)    Some rules are as follows:

i)     One score card per group

ii)    Each player to enter his own score into the computerized handicap system.

iii)   L.  Paganni will send weekly winners list to F. Harrison & J. Rhodes.  F. Harrison will verify if winners have posted their his scores.

iv)   If a winner’s score is not entered, he will not quality for a payout.

v)    Score cards are to be totaled and placed in green drop box on the remote table located in the middle of the cart driveway.

vi)   Regular tournaments will be held for the remainder of the year.

vii)  Closest to the pin and hole-in-one contests are on hold until further notice.

viii)        The $1 tournament fee will be picked up by the club

3)    B. Keeler reported that paid club membership stands at 142.

4)    D. Emal stated that he may have to step down from the board.  He has confirmed that he will step down from the board as of 01-Nov-2020.  He will continue to send out new members welcoming emails.

5)    Open item--- do we still need to collect from some of the sponsors.

6)    Club will be collecting membership dues starting in October.  Dues will remain at $35/person.  Membership forms will need to be filled out and submitted with your payment.  L. Paganni will issue an email with attached form indicating where to mail your payment and form. Cash or checks are acceptable.  No credit card.

7)    J. Rhodes reported that the treasury stands at $9,400.  The cost of room rentals will be carried over to 2021


Meeting was adjourned at 9:20am


Next meeting will be in December 2020