To:      D. Emal*                     J. Marshall*                                                    Date:  11-Aug 2020

            R. Gehman*               L. Paganni*                                                    From   F. Hulewat*

            F. Harrison*               J. Rhodes*

            B. Keeler*

            J. Keitges*

            J. Marshal*



Subject:  Men’s 90Hole Golf Clube Board Meeting

            Minutes 11-Aug-2020


1.    R. Gehman opened the meeting at 9:00am.  He stated that his term is up at the end of this year and that the board should start considering potential candidates in the near future as his replacement.

a.    Rick also proposed that we might be able to start tournament play by 10/21/2020.  He will write up a straw man with rules and conditions for restarting tournament play.

2.    B. Keeler reported paid club membership stands at 139.  He also stated that we still need to collect from some of the sponsors. He also emphasized that 9-hole club members cannot be members of the 18-hole club at the same time.  It’s an either or situation.

3.    D. Emal stated that new members are receiving their welcoming letters via email.

4.    L. Paganni emphasized again the importance of entering your scores weekly and following the rules of play that are in place for open play under the current situation.  He also informed the attendees that only about 2/3 of the members are entering their scores.

a.    Hole-in-one tournament is on hold until further notice.

5.    J. Rhodes stated that the club’s funding is about $9600.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:45am