Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  Feb 4, 2020, 9:00 AM, Los Olivos Room, CH2

Meeting Attendees:  Rick Gehman, Len Paganini, Bob Keeler, Joe Rhodes, Frank Harrison, Marv Lemmon, Don Beckhart, Dave Emal

Missing Board Members:  Frank Hulawat, John Marshall, Jim Keitges

Meeting Notes:

1.        The President Rick Gehman brought the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.


2.       Committee Reports


a.       Frank Harrison

-- New handicaps are now in the computer.  To start the new year, the handicaps include: 49 names in A, 53 in Group B and 49 in Group C.

-- This totals to 151 names, and only 120 folks have paid their dues.  Those unpaid folks will gradually be deleted over the next month or so.

-- The new handicap software calculates the handicaps based on the average of the 10 best scores selected from the last 20 games played.

                      b.    Bob Keeler


-- Reported that currently 120 folks have paid their club dues for 2020.


-- Last year the club printed about 400 copies of the Roster Book.  However, we still had almost 200 copies on hand.  Bob supported cutting backing on the number of copies printed.  This would also reduce the dollars spent on the printing.


-- The board approved printing only 200 copies this year and see how it goes before reducing further the number of copies printed.


-c.  Dave Emal

-- reported the speaker for the March Breakfast meeting would be Steve Carfano who will speak on fitting the right set of clubs to the senior golfer and what this could mean to the individual golfer.


-- reported that the Youth Challenge is now set for July 29th on Course 1.  The Youth are not expected to have as strong of a team as they did last year.


--Dave is working to get a couple of youth golfers to speak at the July Breakfast meeting, just before the Youth Challenge event.



                     -d.    Don Beckhart

-- Don will not be present at the March Breakfast Meeting, Lloyd Woodson will stand in for him and take care of bar duties at the March Breakfast.

-d. Len Paganini                                  

-- Regular play for this week’s tournament.


--Following week, the tournament will be a Partner, alternate shot, tournament.


-- The Hole-In-One Contest now stands at $188.


                     -f.  Joe Rhodes


--reported that the club is solvent, ending the year with US bank’s statement showing the club having $9,037 in the checking account.  This approximately the same level of funds as 2018 also.


--During the year we spent $7,703 and had revenue of $7,776 while maintaining a lowest baseline level of $4,500.


--There are two sponsors who have yet to pay for their ads in the Roster Book.  Bob Batchelor will revisit these sponsors after the Roster Book is printed.


-g. Rick Gehman


--Rick reported he will be on leave for 5 weeks in the May timeframe.  Len Paganini will stand in for him during this time period.


-h.  The Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM




Joe Rhodes, Acting Club Secretary