Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  Aug 6, 2019, 9:00 AM, Los Olivos Room, CH2

Meeting Attendees:  Rick Gehman, Len Paganini, Dave Emal, Bob Keeler, Joe Rhodes, Frank Harrison, Marv Lemmon, Don Beckhart

Missing Board Members:  Randy Smith, Leonard Lin, Jim Keitges, Jeffery Wu, Bob Keeler

Meeting Notes:

1.        The President Rick Gehman brought the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.


2.      Committee Reports


a.   Len Paganini (Tournaments)

--reported that he has placed the second order of hats of 36 – and has orders for at least 18 already.

--reported that he has received and sold the first buy of 24 white shirts with 9-Hole Men’s Golf Club logo.  Waiting on another buy, until he can estimate more clearly the interest.

-- This week’s tournament (Aug 7th) will have an additional skill set added.  It most likely will be longest putt on one of the longer holes.  This should increase the chance of winning for those who cannot consistently hit the par 3 greens.

        -- The August 14th Tournament will be a 4-man team challenge.  The score cards will have the little dots – indicating the handicaps on each hole.  Each team will record the gross and net score for each player.   The team score will be the best single score on par 5’s, the two best scores on par 4’s and the three best scores on par 3’s.  Over the 9 holes, each team must use each member of the team’s score at least once.

        -- Len is reviewing the Payout scheduled for the Med-Ex tournament to see what will fit within the budget.  He will report back during the next board meeting

-b.  Frank Harrison (Software)

--reported that the new handicaps are on the web site.

--reported that the software and web fees for our computer systems have been paid for this year.  They are as follows:


     1.  Handicap Manager from Northern Systems – due in Dec at a cost of $279.95

     2.  Domain Service for web address – due in April at a cost of $20.17

     3.  Web Site Mgmt. Software – –due in Aug at a cost of $299.95

     4.  Shared internet service Fee for the course internet—due in July at a cost of $144




                    -c.    Rick Gehman (President)

-- reported that course management has notified the clubs that in order to keep the course green, there may be a need to keep one course closed (on a rotating basis) from time to time during extreme hot temperatures.  They told the clubs that notice will be given when there are 90-degree temperatures forecasted for a whole week.  The clubs will be given an 8-day notice if this is to happen.

--reported that there may be a problem with next year’s reservation times for our bimonthly breakfast meetings.  He is working with club management to get the times clarified and properly arranged by date.

-d. Joe Rhodes (Treasurer)                                                                             

--reported that the club is solvent.  The club’s bank account stands at $6,300.  Our main

                       revenue sources (Roster Book and Membership) are completed.  Therefore, our account

                       will continue to drop until our membership drive begins in the fall. Oversite by the

                       board will be required to ensure the club remains solvent.


--The treasurer will provide an annual budget at the next meeting indicating the clubs

         sources in revenue and payouts over the course of the year.


                       -e.  Dave Emal and Len Paganini

-- Planning for the 28 August Tournament and “Free” BBQ luncheon is on schedule and

on budget.   Tables will be placed on the patio area of Clubhouse 2, with hotdogs,          hamburgers, baked beans, sodas and beer being served.  There will be an 8:30 shotgun start with 4 golfers on a tee, but scoring will be still be “individual play basis”.  This entire event will be for 9-Hole Men’s Golf Club members only.


--The Tijeras Creek Jr. PGA All Star team will begin their National Championship quest

this Friday at Costa Mesa Golf Course after winning their league.  If they advance, they will      play next at Industry Hills.  The team is composed of 10 players from the 4 teams in their league.  Their coach Tim Walsh selected the 10 players per Jr. League rules.


--Dave hopes to have Paul Smolinski, UCI golf coach as our next speaker on Sept. 10th. A

local resident from Rancho Santa Margarita, Paul has been at UCI for 22 years, won numerous Championships and 8 Big West Championships.  He started his golf career at Mission Viejo CC, then moved to Cota de Caza GC before ending up at UCI.


3.      The Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM


Joe Rhodes, Club Secretary