Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  Oct 1, 2019, 9:00 AM, Los Olivos Room, CH2

Meeting Attendees:  Rick Gehman, Jim Keitges, Len Paganini, Dave Emal, Bob Keeler, Joe Rhodes, Frank Harrison, Marv Lemmon, Don Beckhart, 

Missing Board Members:  No missing members

Meeting Notes:

1.       The President Rick Gehman brought the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.


2.       Rick Gehman announced that due to personal reasons, Randy Smith, Leonard Lin, and Jeffery Wu have resigned from the Board.


3.      Committee Reports


a.   Rick Gehman

        -- reported that the search is on for members who wished to be elected to the club’s board.   It is extremely important that vacated board positions be filled – not only to even out the workload but also so that the knowledge of how things are done will be passed on to others.  Those interested should contact Rick.

-b.  Frank Harrison (Software)

--reported that the new handicaps for October 2019 are on the web site.

--reported that Rick Gehman will now be doing the monthly handicaps


                     -c.    Bob Keeler (Membership)

                              -- reported that current membership is at 134.

-- reported that we are approaching 1 Nov 2019 -- the start of the annual club membership drive.  Different forms of advertisement will be used to get the attention of new members and those who will be renewing their membership for another year.

-- reported the update of the Roster Book should also get underway.  The efforts of Roger Landis will be missed this year since he has been the point man for the Roster Book for the last few years.

-- reported he will be getting in touch with Bob Batchelor to ensure his involvement in getting sponsors for the Book.

-- reported that many of the email addresses that are included in the current Roster Book are out of date.  Len Paganini said he has an UpToDate listing of email addresses that he can provide to Bob.

--Frank Harrison will update the course and event schedule for next year’s Roster Book and provide to Bob.

-d. Joe Rhodes (Treasurer)                                                                             

--reported that the club is solvent.  The club’s bank account stands at $5,700.  Our main

                       revenue sources (Roster Book and Membership) are completed.  Therefore, our account

                       will continue to drop until our membership drive begins in November. Oversite by the

                       board will be required to ensure the club remains solvent.


                       -e.  Dave Emal (Banquets)

-- reported that he has met with Tony at the 19th Restaurant concerning the Club Championship banquet that will take place on 16 Oct 2019 after the last tournament of the 3-week championship.  It will following immediately after the tournament which will have a shotgun start at 8:30 AM.


--reported that the price including beer and soft drinks is estimated at $21.00 for a group of 80 players.  Clubhouse party rooms 1, 2, and 3 have been reserved.


--reminded everyone that the next meeting will be at the breakfast meeting on 12 Nov.


                      -f.  Len Paganini (Tournaments)


--reported that participation in club activities including tournaments and breakfasts has decreased over the course of the last year.


--this has direct impact on the starting times that we will have for tournaments. 


--there is a need for board members to try and establish a reason for this decline and to check on overall golf participation here at Laguna Woods, as well as with the 18-hole club and 9-hole women’s golf club to see if they have the same experience.


4.      The Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM


Joe Rhodes, Club Secretary