LWVGC Men’s 9-Hole Club Breakfast Meeting Minutes


Date: May 9, 2017, 8:30 am, Club House 2


Meeting Notes:


1.     Scott Breunsbach, President, opened the meeting


2. Speaker: Peter Quan, Fitness Center Professional

    “Exercise for Golfers”

    - Ten volunteers selected.

    - Fitness is important, both for golf and for everyday life.

    - LWV has three fitness centers now.


1. Loosening  up:  shoulder rotation, hip march, steps, etc.

2. Hold chair back, crouch down and up 10x, sit down

3. Place exercise band under arms, put band around the back of the chair, push the band out, 10x

4. Put the band over the shoulder, bend forward at the waist , 10x

5. Loop the band around shoes, pull band back, for back muscle stretching, 10x

6. Put one foot in the band, step on the gas, for calf muscle exercise, 10x. Then switch to the other side, 10x

7. Loop the band around knees, push knees left and right outward, for thigh muscle exercise, 10x

8. Hold band with both hands, stretch out, 10x

9. Helper holds one end of the band, do golf swing from the other end. 10x

10. Balance apparatus: available at the Fitness centers.



1. Mark Nussbaum: Balance was $8200 as of the end of April. Upcoming expense: BBQ after President’s cup.


2. Scott Breunsbach: At the first week of President’s cup everyone pays $6 green fee for shot gun start on the second week.


3. Bob Bachelor:

1) BBQ after 5/17 shotgun round.

2) New members: We have 135 members.  New members: Bob Leiter, John Dillon, Paul Appelbaum, and Mike Campbell.


4. Bill Jensen:

There are 8 spaces for non-playing members in the BBQ.


5. Frank Harrison:

Mixer with Lady’s 9-hole club: July 11, can handle up to 36 players


6. Len Paganini, Tournament:

a. President’s cup: kick off tomorrow. For 5/17 shotgun the green fee will be paid to the sign-in desk.


b. Med-Ex Cup

This is a 9-Hole Club exclusive: derivative of the PGA FED-EX Cup with points accumulated thru the calendar year, based on overall award dollars. It begins with existing 2017 award results. Results thru end of November will be used to place 8 players per flight for a 2-week playoff in December, similar to the FED-EX format. Trophies for each flight will be presented at the January membership meeting. Purse is yet to be determined.

Raffle: a cart wheel lock, and four $5 prizes were given out.


6. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 am.


Next month board meeting: June 13, 2017 at 9:00 am, Clubhouse 2, Sequoia Room.