Report on the Meeting of the

Greens and Racquets Advisory Group

17 July, 2017


            Kay Livingston, Pickle Ball Club                                  300-5916

            Frank Harrison, Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club                     855-9330

            Joe Fitzekam, Paddle Tennis                                      458-1725

            Tammy Limon, Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club               378-3593

            Eva Sears, Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club                       859-1952

            Joel Walker, Golf/Racquet Acting  Manager               597-4336

            Doug Tummond, Paddle Tennis Club             768-3387

            Billie McDonald, Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club               457-1871

            Wayne Helmer, Lawn Bowling Club                            768-8030


            Jim Brauer, Tennis Club                                             274-5152

            Mary Buben, Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club                  874-3848

            Marv Lemmon, Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club                      581-5931

            Ger Farragher, Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club                 837-9265

            Don Fleming, Men’s 18-Hole Golf Club                      206-9588


Bill Blaine – we are saddened about the unexpected passing of our friend and chairperson. We extend our condolences to the family. Don Fleming has agreed to chair the group.

Status of Recreation Committee Request Forms and Issues

Request for a 2nd Marshal for the 27-hole Golf Course

This request has been partially satisfied by the management realigning some duties of the existing staff. This is providing near-continuous presence of 2 marshals on the course. The current budget will not allow for increase of sfaffing.

Paddleball/pickleball courts

The city has approved the site of the new courts at the Gate 16 area. The plan is in the custody of the GRF/M&C committee, and the construction plans have been asked for. A budget of $500000 has been approved for the construction of 6 pickleball courts. Tennis courts 9 and 10 are to be restriped for joint use by the paddle tennis and tennis clubs. The current courts site at Gate 12 is to be repurposed. There is a delay due to needing a site permit, which is in the works.


Carts on the Executive Course

This was discussed at the recreation department and deemed to be not feasible. However, there are plans to enhance the executive course in several ways. A new golf club is being planned for the 9-hole course along with handicapping, computer support.


Misc. – Let’s support the Village Games this fall with our members joining in for golf, lawn bowling, and racquet courts play.


Next GRF M&C meeting is 18 September. There should be some resolution on the new courts project – plans and schedule.


We need to support the need for a rebuild of the lawn bowling court.


Note that there is a proposed increase in golf green fees.


There was a plan to replace the large patio chairs at the Village Greens – it has not happened yet. Joel agreed to investigate the status.


Next Meeting 18 September, 2017 – Clubroom 1, Village Greens – 11:00 am