Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  April 2, 2019, 9:00 AM, Los Olivos Room, CH2

Meeting Attendees:  Rick Gehman, Jim Keitges, Randy Smith, Len Paganini, Dave Emal, Bob Keeler, Joe Rhodes

Missing Board Members:  Frank Harrison, Marv Lemmon, Don Beckhart, Jeffery Wu, Leonard Lin

Meeting Notes:

1.       The President Rick Gehman brought the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

2.       Old Business: 


a.       Randy Smith (Handicaps / Greens and Racquets) attended the March 18th meeting of the Greens and Racquets.  There was some discussion of driving range improvements in 2020 and additional water stations on the golf course, but nothing was decided.

b.      Bob Keeler (Membership) sent email to 30 past members who have not joined this year but received zero responses.  He also reported that the membership now stands at 126 paid members.


c.      Rick Gehman (President) did further research for a golf club “non-perishable food drive” and found that Laguna Beach has a local food bank that accepts 5 or 6 items.  He will continue working on this project and report a clearer picture of the project at our next meeting in June 2019.


3.       Committee Reports


a.       Len Paganini (Tournaments)

--reported that all is set for the 3 April, Best Ball Scramble, with 15 4-man teams; each team’s handicap within 1 stroke of any other team.

--reported he has purchased the President Cup Winner’s Trophies as well as the lapel pins for those hitting a “Hole in One”

--reported that his research showed that he can purchase golf hats with printing on the front at a cost between $9.50 and $10.00.  The Board voted to buy initially 36 hats and sell them to the membership at $10.00 per hat.

--reported that he is working with golf club staff in getting ready for the 15th of May President’s Cup tournament and luncheon.  The green fees will be prepaid for this event since it will be a shotgun start allowing all players to be finished in time for the luncheon.

--reported he is also working with Dave Emal in gathering the details for a hamburger and hotdog BBQ to be held on the 28th of August on the CH 2 patio.  It would be $50 for use of the patio ad $50 for use of the grill.  Operating the grill and icing down the drinks would be done by club members.  Total cost is estimated to be $500 to $700.  The board voted yes, and Len will proceed on this item.

-b.  Randy Smith (Handicaps)

--reported that the handicaps had been recalculated at the end of March and they are now out on the website.  They will be recalculated at the end of April in time for the President’s Cup.

-c. Joe Rhodes (Treasurer)                                                                              

--reported that the club is solvent.  He presented a chart showing monthly club checking account totals that follow an obvious trend for the past 3 years.  Membership dues and Roster Book Ad payments are collected at the end of the year, raising the club bank account to about $9,000.  The various luncheons and tournament operating expenses reduces this amount to approximately $4000 in the summer timeframe.  Then in the fall the cycle begins again.  The only new event that is added this year will be the BBQ in August.

--reported that there remain two outstanding payments for Roster Book Ads.  Bob Bachelor is working this item and will report back to the board by our next meeting.  He does not expect any problems with this effort.

4.  The Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM



Joe Rhodes

Club Secretary