LWVGC Men’s 9-Hole Club Board Meeting Minutes Date: April 4, 2017, 9:00 am, Los Olivos Room, CH2

Attendees: Scott Breunsbach, Bill Jensen, Bob Batchelor, Chi-Chin Wang, Don Beckhart, Frank Harrison, Leonard Paganini, Mark Nussbaum, Rick Gehman, Lloyd Woodson, Marv Lemmon


Meeting Notes:


1.     Scott Breunsbach, President, opened the meeting:

a.                    February minutes were approved and adopted.


2.  Old business:

a.         Notices for breakfast and other meetings: Will continue to use e-mail postings for meeting announcements and general weekly information. Positive feedback received to date. The Cost of mailing was $60 per event.. Gil Rowland, Communication, volunteered to call the 14 members who do not have email to notifying of upcoming meetings and breakfasts. Also to be announced at the sign-in desk.

b.         Alan Simons: Len has his phone number for follow-up call.

c.         Joel Walker is acting manager of the Laguna Woods Golf and Tennis Operations. Roger retired on 31 March.

d.         Breakfast cost: Yolanda’s charge increased to $8.50 per head. As announced at the last breakfast, individual’s cost will increase to $6.00 and the club will continue to subsidize the remaining $2.50 per head.


New business:


1.  Bob Bachelor:

a.  BBQ lunch after President’s Cup on May 17. Initial discussions with Tony about the cost and menu. The three rooms can seat up to 80 players. It will be a shotgun format with a luncheon to follow similar to the 2016 Club Championship final day of play. Entrees: like last time (pulled pork, chicken, beef and salad). Playing members plus a few who had not been playing will be invited. A second luncheon will be in August after the Club Championship.

b.  Awards: Len Paganini to look into price for potentially establishing a perpetual trophy for Presidents Cup.

c.   Membership: membership continues to increase. Have had several new members this past month.


2.  Bill Jenson:

a.   Speaker choice: Speaker on pre golf game stretching workout that helps golf playing. Bill to contact.

b.  Club swap at the Breakfast meeting: good idea. People can bring their unused old clubs for swapping.

c.  Excess clubs for outside organizations: clubs left over from swap and other clubs (in relatively good condition) can be collected and donated to several Potential groups: Tiger Woods Foundation,  Marines,  1st-Tee, or local Orange County high schools.

d.  New intern for “Breakfast Refreshments”: Don Beckhart


3.  Mark Nussbaum, Treasurer:

a.  Prepared a spreadsheet for pro-forma budget. Will circulate to board members for review and comments.

b.  March Month-end Balance $8,101.


4.  Len Paganini, Tournament:

a.  Some questioned score keeping of others. Suggest the foursomes to keep two sets of cards, then turn in an agreed upon card. Will suggest members to keep two cards for double checking.

b.  Beat the Pro” tournament: This is a new tournament with a NET vs NET format. Simply replacing a regular weekly tournament with “Beat the Pro”. Will start on May 3. Pros are willing to do it once a year per person, so about 3-4 times a year.

d.  Start Time Scheduling.  Men’s Nine Hole Club is the only club (of three golf clubs) that has gaps in schedule. In accordance with last week’s e-mail, we will begin compressing the schedule prior to weekly play. Golf Operations has allocated us start times of 7:00 to 11:00, so long as we fill the time slots. The more members that play results in going deeper towards the 11:00 time frame. Club members should check the web-site to validate their start times on Tuesday prior to playing.  We had 8 open times (32 players) for 5 April. Len will send out a second memo. Scott will talk it up in the breakfast meetings.


e.  MED-EX Cup: This is an 9 Hole Men’s Club Exclusive: derivative of the PGA FED- EX Cup with points accumulated thru the calendar year, based on overall winning dollars. Recommendation format and rules distributed for review and comment. Uses existing 2017 award results.  Results through end of November with December play down, similar to

FED-EX format.   Give out the revolving trophy in January breakfast meeting.


5.  Frank Harrison:

a.  Open Play Next Three Weeks: to allow five-somes to play, slots are only from 7 am to 8:28 am. Good idea, will implement at sign-up desk.


6.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.


Next month breakfast meeting: 9 May, 2017 at 8:30 am, Clubhouse 2, Sequoia Room.