Men’s 9-Hole Club Board Meeting Minutes


Date: June 5, 2018, 9:00 am, Los Olivos Room, CH2


Attendees: Scott Breunsbach, Roger Landis, Frank Harrison, Leonard Paganini, Mark Nussbaum, David Emal, Don Beckhart


Meeting Notes:

1. Scott Breunsbach:

-   New golf pro/instructor – Sean Anthony.

-   18-Hole Club asked for a course schedule change – 4 July, 25 July – accepted; we play course 1 on July 4, and course 3 on 25 July.

-   Suggested local rules changes for our club beginning next year:

-              1. No longer a free drop out of large mulch areas – play it as it lies

           2. Out of bounds or lost ball – stroke and distance, or 2 strokes from where it went out:

                          following USGA/R&A rule change for 2019                                                                      

2. Dave Emal:

-   Club Championship luncheon (August 22 after completion of week three shotgun start) will be held in Rooms 1, 2, and 3 (2nd Floor) and catered by 19th Restaurant.  Same menu as 16 May.

-   Will continue with cheesecake instead of ice cream

3. Len Paganini:

-   Next tournament – Partner Best Ball/Alternate shot – 13, 20 June

-   We are missing the Net play plaque given at the last Club Championship. We decided to drop that award plaque going forward. The Trophy has only one remaining tag spot and needs expansion of some sort.

-   Mixer – flyers going out on 6 June for the 11 July mixer. Price increase this year to $30 due to increased green fees. Mark Nussbaum volunteered to be bartender. Next year we will be on Wednesday again (10 July 2019).

-   We will have a new tournament format for 5 September.

4. Roger Landis:

-   Working on clarifying our roster detail – new members data.

-   In the future be sure to put any new applications in the Membership slot.

-   Noted changes – Peverieri quit club, Stan Post moved away, Rochelle moved, Bob Hatch not a member this year.

-   Mark Nussbaum will send all applications data to Roger.

                  Current membership number is 141.

 5. Frank Harrison:

-   Clarified how the course handicap differs from the handicap index. The equation is ….. Course Handicap = Handicap Index x Course Slope / 113, rounded to nearest integer

6. Mark Nussbaum:

-   Current balance: $7048 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 am. Next meeting – 7 August.