LWVGC Men’s 9-Hole Club Board Meeting Minutes


Date: June 6, 2017, 9:00 am, Los Olivos Room, CH2


Attendees: Scott Breunsbach, Bill Jensen, Bob Batchelor, Chi-Chin Wang, Don Beckhart, Frank Harrison, Leonard Paganini, Mark Nussbaum, Rick Gehman, Lloyd Woodson, Jeffrey Wu


Meeting Notes:


1.     Scott Breunsbach, President, opened the meeting:

a.      April minutes were approved and adopted.

2.     Old business:

a.      Club donation program: Will wait till the Fall semester for schools to reconsider. A question was raised on whether the donation has to be in whole set.

b.     The next Beat the Pro will be on June 28. Scott will invite Chris, or Doug.

c.      Weekly surplus of funds will continue to be rolled back to general fund.

d.     Bob will be away, Scott will do the article for the Globe.

3.     New business:

a.      Len Paganini, Tournament: Partners Best-Ball/Alternate-shot tournament will start June 14, charge is $5 per player, longest putt #8, closest to the pin #4.

b.     Bob Bachelor: Gave 6-month notice that he would retire from the board at the end of this year after 6 years of service. Will finish 2018 roster book.

c.      Bill Jensen:

                         i.     Suggested to invite Joel Walker as speaker for July 18 breakfast meeting. Scott and Bill will follow up.

                       ii.     Breakfast menu has not changed for 3 years. Mark will contact Yolanda to consider some changes.

d.     Lloyd Woodson: Couples Twilight Tournament on June 11 is $20 per player, $40 per couple. The price on the flyer ($25 per person) is a misprint.

e.      Jeffrey Wu: Was impressed with the club’s communication. There were many positive feedbacks for the pre-tournament communication written by Len.

f.       Mark Nussbaum: Asked to clarify the mulch rule. A ball landed in the mulch area made for water conservation can be moved to the nearest grass area, within two club lengths, no closer to the hole, without penalty. This does not include the mulch around the trees. Out-of-bound and lost ball should take a one-stroke penalty.

g.      Rick Gehman: There were very few complaints about the compressed schedule this month.

h.     Frank Harrison: A payout list for 2017 was made up.

i.       Len Paganini:

                         i.     On scoring dispute. Suggested, for major tournament only, to keep two score cards, one on each cart. Submit only one final card after any discrepancy is resolved.

                       ii.     Next tournament on 6/14 and 6/21: Partners best ball for the first week, partners alternate shot for the second week.

                     iii.     Mixer on July 11: There are 12 of a total 36 slots left. A planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday 6/15 at 10:30 am. The planners are: Len, Frank, Mark and Jeff.

j.       Chi-Chin Wang: A member raised issue about double-win on closest-to-the-pin awards. The board members had no objection to the double-win, since the winner would have won it by skill.  The rule will continue to allow double-wins.


The meeting was adjourned at 10 am.