Men’s 9-Hole Club Board Meeting Minutes


Date: August 7, 2018, 9:00 am, Los Olivos Room, CH2


Attendees: Scott Breunsbach, Roger Landis, Frank Harrison, Leonard Paganini, Mark Nussbaum, Don Beckhart, Chi-Chin Wang, Jeffery Wu, Bill Jensen, Rick Gehman


Meeting Notes:

1. Scott Breunsbach:

-   Election coming up in November. Voice your intention to stay and start to recruit new board members.

-   Crow damage on Hole 8 course 3 is very bad. The maintenance crew are working hard to repair them.

-   Possible board member replacement for 2019: four (4)

2. Rick Gehman: No new issue. Will fill out the sign-in desk roster.

3. Frank Harrison: Will update the member list to reflect recent changes.

4. Roger Landis:

-   Working on clarifying our roster detail – new members data is distributed.

-        After clarifying discrepancies, there are 147 paying members.


5. Len Paganini:

-   Mixer went very well. Luncheon went well too.

-   Next tournament – Club Championship 8/8, 8/15, 8/22. Note about urine testing is not real.

-   Any player who does not make any round is out of competition. No make-up.

-   Len will be out on vacation September to October. Last week of September, Frank will hold all the score cards for Len to process.

-   September 5, new format to give teams strings and scissors to measure putts made.

-   Handicap issue of some members was repeatedly brought up. Option: using Wednesday tournament rounds only. There may be some way to use the HDCP computer. Frank to look into it.

-   New ideas on different kind of tournament are welcome.

-   October 24: ABC Tournament


6. Jeff Wu: Question about some member.

7. Bill Jensen:

               - September Breakfast: Peter Kuon

               - Club Champions: would be nice to recognize them during the Luncheon. Do it while waiting for Len to finish the scores.

               - Will get a new trophy.

               - Extra fund ideas: get more money to the winners, Money for Eagles or Birdies? More money for winners? Pay more people? Subsidize more for the breakfast? Len and Mark to look at the budget.

               - Luncheon after Club Championship all set (Dave Emal).


8. Mark Nussbaum:

-   Current balance: $5650.

-   Budget for Luncheon: $1600.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am. Next meeting – October 2.