Men’s 9-Hole Club Board Meeting Minutes


Date: October 23, 2018, 9:00 am, Los Olivos Room, CH2


Attendees: Scott Breunsbach, Roger Landis, Frank Harrison, Leonard Paganini, Don Beckhart, Chi-Chin Wang, Jeffery Wu, Bill Jensen, Rick Gehman


Meeting Notes:

1. Scott Breunsbach:

- Election of new board members November: four current members will reach term and vacate:  Scott, Chi-Chin, Bill and Roger.

- Reviewed several possible replacements for 2019.  Will approach each candidate to determine their interest.   

- Pro Shop news:

·       New Policy:  Tuesdays and Wednesday time reservation (after club play) can be made on prior Friday (for Tuesday) and Saturday (for Wednesday) starting at 12pm.  Club play start times and cross overs (18 hole Club) will be known, thus freeing up course earlier. 

·       Professional staff will set up meeting with all four golf clubs with goal to set up single set of local rules based upon 2019 golf rule changes.  Frank Harrison will participate in discussions. 

·       Professional staff  will give free tips at the range teaching area. A schedule is posted near the range shop.

·       27 Hole Yardage book is available at no charge at the Pro Shop.

-  Possible course closure: One course at a time for 6 weeks in July and August.

3. Frank Harrison:

- Proposed 2019 Course schedule (9- and 18-hole leagues).  Several items will be moved to accommodate possible increased maintenance schedule July-August 2019.  Mixer will be in June. Club Championship will be in October. Four-club tournament possibly moved to July. Will coordinate with 18-hole league to get a full schedule.

- Passed by unanimous votes.

2. Jeff Wu: Wrote response to letter on the Globe to highlight golf revenue contribute.

3. Don Beckhart: need a new bar tender back up at breakfast meetings.

4. Rick Gehman:

               - In his past league experience in Philadelphia area, small gift was given to members when extra money is available. Proposed Example: LW 9 Hole Golf Club bag tag with logo. Cost about $241/200. Passed by vote. Will hand out at membership renewal or new member sign-up.

               - Will recruit new participants for sign-in desk at next breakfast meeting.

5. Len Paganini:

               - Four-club in two weeks plus Club Championship coming up for remaining 2018.

4. Roger Landis:

-   Received calls from old member who wanted to rejoin. Per club bi-laws, they pay full 2019 fee ($35) in November, they get the last two months free.

-   New year sign-up will start on Wednesday. Also make form available for next breakfast.

-   New booklet will include rule changes. Timing: newly revised rules should be submitted before drop-dead date (about January 2019)

-   Welcoming orientation for new members: will let the new board to address.

-   Current paying member: 149.

-   Will ask the 18-hole league if our members could join their President Ball.

7. Bill Jensen:

- November breakfast speaker: Doug Stodgel

                              The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am. Next meeting – December 4.