LWVGC Men’s 9-Hole Club Board Meeting Minutes


Date: December 6, 2016, 9:00 am, 19 Restaurant


Meeting Notes:


1.     Twelve board members attended the breakfast. Three new board members: Rick Gehman, Mark Nussbaum and Don Beckhart

2.     Chuck Sonderman, President: Today’s primary job is to staff board positions for the new year.

a.      Outgoing board members: Chuck Sonderman, Gerry Heuer and Joe Kricena

b.     President: Scott Breunsbach is nominated and accepted.

c.      Treasurer:

Mark Nussbaum volunteered, and accepted (Need to transfer the signature names on the bank account)

d.   Vice President: Bill Jensen

e.   Secretary: Chi-Chin Wang

f.   Tournament: Len Paganini with Chi-Chin Wang assisting

g.   Membership: Bob Bachelor and Scott Breunsbach to share duty

h.   Programs: Bill Jensen (scheduling speakers)

i.    Sign-up desk: Rick Gehman to do scheduling of volunteers.

j.    Goodwill and Welcoming: Don Beckhart

k.   Welcoming: to recruit a new member

l.    Bartender: Bill Jensen

m.  Roster book 2017: Bob Bachelor, invites new ideas for content (new CH2, shot from 19 view, people who have carts, etc.) $1,250 advertisement of 5-pages. Cost of printing: ~$300


3.     Reports presented:

a.      Chuck: President’s banquet will be replaced by BBQ lunch (just the guys). This year’s BBQ was a great draw.

b.     Scott: ~$4,500 balance in the account by month-end. We have non-profit tax status.

c.      Rick: logo with lizard and golf ball.

d.     Joe: About 50 have not yet renewed, will have more trickling in.

e.      Next year meeting rooms: CH2 main ballroom (Sequoia) for breakfast meetings, CH2 Los Aliso room for board meetings.

f.       Joe to send out notice for member breakfast meeting by mail for January. Future notices will be by e mail, with check sent to Mark.

g.      January speaker: Laurie Moss from GRF is a possibility. She is good to talk about new Recreational policies. Others are under consideration.

4.     Outgoing board members received breakfast free. All others pay amount above $5.

5.     The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 am.

6.     Next month breakfast meeting: January 10, 2017 at 8:30 am, Clubhouse 2, Sequoia Room.