LWVGC Men’s 9-Hole Club Breakfast Minutes


Date: November 1, 2016, 8:30 am, Dining Room, Clubhouse 3


Meeting Notes:


1.     About 41 members attended the breakfast.

2.     Joel Walker, Head Golf Pro, was the speaker. Items discussed:

        a.    The pro shop has clubs you can take to the course and try out – if you decide to buy, the prices are the best

        b.    The electronic tee times system to be on the Village web site – no completion date yet.

        c.     CH-2 will be open as of 4 November with an open house greeting at 2-4 pm. Free food and drink.

        d.    There will be a cart decoration parade and contest on 3 December at CH-2 – prizes for most lights, most creative, best holiday theme.

        e.    Tip of the day – complete your swing with extended straight arms (no chicken wing follow-thru) finishing toward your target.

        f.     Top 10 President Golfers:

                                      No. 10 – Woodrow Wilson – very active – 20000 rounds in 2 years

                                      No. 9 – Richard Nixon – told by then-President  Eisenhower to play golf

                                      No. 8 – Ronald Reagon

                                      No. 7 – Barack Obama

                                      No. 6 – G.W. Bush – long family history in golf community

                                      No. 5 – Bill Clinton – loose interpretation of rules

                                      No. 4 – FDR – good golfer in early years before being disabled

                                      No. 3 – D.D. Eisenhower

                                      No. 2 – Gerald Ford – known for hitting spectators, but good golfer

                                      No. 1 – JFK – very athletic – single digit handicap

3.     The business meeting was started by Chuck Sonderman, President.

a.      Tournaments – Len Paganini

        Next major tournament is the 4-Club – 9 November – carry and use only 4 clubs including putter, if desired

        December major tournament is the Skills Tournament (7 December) – will include closest-to-centerline by flight, longest drive by flight on Hole 5, closest-to-pin on 2 par 3 holes, closest-to-pin on second shot on Hole 3, longest putt on Hole 8.

        New tapes bought (3) for closest measurements

b.     Membership - Joe Kricena
        Membership now at 133 – new members introduced

                       Michael Cunningham

                       John Soule

                       Steve Edwards

                       Edmond Cheng

                       Duke Jones

c.      Secretary – Chi-Chin Wang

        Not present – minutes for meeting will be on web site – Home page link

d.     Roster Book – Bob Batchelor

        Looking for a good picture for book cover – submit ideas

e.      Treasurer – Scott Breunsbach

        Not present - 4 $5 bills included for the raffle

4.     New Business

a.      Nominations for Directors

b.             Terms expiring are Chuck Sonderman, Joe Kricena, Rick Gehman, Gerry Heuer.

c.              New Directors nominated and elected are Mark Nussbaum, Don Beckhart, Rick Gehman

d.             Officers for 2017 will be discussed at the December Board Meeting

5.     A drawing was conducted with four (4) $5 awards given out, plus 3 sleeves of balls.

6.     The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 am.

7.     Next board meeting: December 6, at 9 AM at the 19 restaurant.

8.     Next breakfast meeting: January 10, 2017 at 8:30 am, Clubhouse 2.