Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  December 4, 2018, 9:00 am, Los Olivos Rm CH2

Meeting Attendees:  Scott Breunsback, Rick Gehman, Jim Keitges, Frank Harrison, Joe Rhodes, Randy Smith, Len Paganini, Dave Emal, Bob Keeler, Mark Nussbaum, Roger Landis, Marv Lemmon

Missing Board Members: Don Beckhart, Jeffery WU, Leonard Lin


Meeting Notes

1.       The President, Scott Breunsback, brought the meeting to order at 09:15 AM.


2.       This meeting was mainly to thank the outgoing members of the board for their efforts and to welcome the incoming new members.    Scott then asked for volunteers from the attendees to fill the various vacant positions for 2019 that now existed on the board.  The results of this effort are the following:

President – Rick Gehman

Vice President – Jim Keitges

Treasurer – Joe Rhodes

Secretary – Joe Rhodes

Sign Up / Desk – Rick Gehman

Welcoming – Dave Emal

Tournaments – Len Paganini

Communications – Leonard Lin

Handicap Calculations – Randy Smith

Greens and Racquets – Randy Smith

Membership – Bob Keeler

Rules – Frank Harrison and Rick Gehman

Web – Frank Harrison


3.      After filling these positions, Scott reminded those in attendance of some of the rules of play changes that would come into being with 2019.  These changes included the fact that balls hit into the various mulch areas on the courses would have to be played as they lie.  Balls landing in the mulch around “staked trees” could be moved/dropped one club length from the original position.

4.      Some discussion occurred on various ways to speed up play.  Item was tabled until next meeting.

5.      The meeting adjourned at 10:15