Report on the Meeting of the

Greens and Racquets Advisory Group

17 September 2018

Present:  Frank Harrison, Men’s 9 Hole club

                  Eva Sears, Women’s 9 Hole Club

                 Joe Fitzeham, Paddle Tennis

                  Mindy Armstrong, Pickleball

                  Sean Anthony, Golf Operations

                  Cris Prince, Women’s 18 Hole Club

                 Glennda Adair, Women’s 9 Hole Club


Absent:    Sandy Reis, Pickleball

                   Marv Lemmon, Men’s 9 Hole Club

                   Wayne Helmer, Lawn Bowling

                   Tom McCray, Golf Operations

                    Jeff Shetler, Men’s 18 Hole Club

                   Don  Larson, Lawn Bowling

Jeff Shetler was absent therefore we had no detailed report of the last CAC meeting.

Sean spoke of the possible need to close a course a week during summer months in the future.  The course is so heavily used that during the hot dry weather it is not able to recover.  One of the problems is excessive use of carts (currently groups are allowed three carts) and carts not following the 90 degree format.


  The practice range will be leveled and sodded early next spring.  The room where the tokens for the ball machine were sold may be turned into a café. The ball machine will be removed and replaced by an attendant. There will be no covered practice area as Tom described at an earlier meeting due to the high cost.


A Pro will be available on Friday mornings from 8-9 a.m. to offer tips at the driving range. This will be a free service available to everyone.


Sean reported that the next Twilight Golf event is scheduled for October 7 at 3:30 and they hope to continue throughout the fall. They are discussing changing the starting time to 2:00 when daylight saving time begins.


He also stated they would like to start some kind of tournament open to men and women on Thursday afternoons once a month at the Par 3 course.


New starter shacks on Course 2 and 3 are moving forward.


The trees near the Lawn Bowling courts have been removed.  Sean spoke of the needed care and maintenance of the courts.


Mindy Armstrong stated that the completion date for the new Pickleball courts has not been determined and that work has not yet begun. Sean reported that work on the courts would commence on October 1.  A post tension slab will be poured over the old courts. It will include 7 courts and a patio area. The delay was caused by a need to provide access to the restrooms by the handicapped. This was solved by having a golf cart placed at the courts. Sean also said that a trench will be dug for electrical work and they will keep a partial path open during this work.


Eva spoke to the need for someone to accept responsibility for taking notes at the meetings as she will no longer be representing the Women’s 9 hole club in January.  She also stated it would be easier to take notes if a separate person were to run the meeting.


I apologize for the delay in the minutes, I have been out of state.


Our next meeting will be held on November 19th at 11:00 in the golf room.

If there are any additions or corrections to the minutes, please let me know.


Respectfully submitted,

Eva Sears


Please print the minutes and bring them to the next meeting.