TO : MARGA Council
FR:   Larry Witt
RE : New 2019 Golf League
    The Executive Committee met to discuss the addition of a new 18 hole league. As you recall, a motion was passed at our October Council meeting indicating such action.
        One of the main issues which concerned the Committee, was the upcoming decision by the City of Madison, involving the Yahara and Monona golf courses.
    It is generally thought that a decision on closing one of the courses would be made in late 2019, affecting our 2020 season. Due to this reason, the Committee felt it
    would be in the best interest of MARGA to wait and see what action is taken by the City. If Yahara is kept open, a second 18 hole league at a City course is probably
    the best option. Putting time and effort into starting a new league at a course outside the City, could end up being just a one year proposition. 
        The Council asked that three courses be considered for expansion. The Committee did receive information from Pleasant View and Door Creek. In addition,
    according to Ryan Brinza, a decision on a 2nd league at Odana could not be made until the Spring of 2019, well after our registration information has to be out. 
         Pleasant View and Door Creek had potential league days available, but neither course listed Thursday or Friday as an option. The Committee had concerns about some
         of the statements that were provided by the courses.
  • The green fees, for walking, ranged from $ 20.50 to $ 32.00, depending on the day. Cart fees ranged from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00.
  • Pleasant View has already booked outings for 2019, on all days, so consecutive weeks of play might be questionable, and even scheduling a 16 week season                                       could be in jeopardy. They indicated that there would be a priority for outings over MARGA.
  • Door Creek has in their League Agreement, the statement, we may need to alter some dates due to outings being scheduled in the future
  • The Committee realizes that the philosophy of golf courses change when you get away from the City of Madison. Outings are a huge part of golf course revenues,                                  and it appears that both of the above courses would keep that option available, even after booking our league dates. 
  • The scheduling of league play at either of the above courses could be problematic, as MARGA will not be a priority. However, the Committee realizes that the decision                            on closing a Madison golf course may force MARGA to deal with the above issues, if an 18 hole league is needed. The above circumstances could be dealt with, but a                            new league at one of the above courses would need a very hands on scheduler, which would probably fall in the hands of the Council to start with.
        After the above information was considered, the Executive Committee could not make a definitive commitment to starting a new league in 2019. There were too many
     questions that needed to be answered, and Council input was needed before proceeding with any new league.
        Another 18 hole league should definitely be considered for the 2020 season, depending on the City’s action. It appears that staying on City courses provides MARGA with
    the best opportunity to continue its’ program, in the same manner that has flourished over the past few years.