2016 Byam Moorby
June 12th
PosFltName 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9Out101112131415161718 InTotal
1AGrip it and, Sip it3*42544234313433343343061
1AThe Gang, Green44344323431244344333*3061
3AThe Putt, Pirates442444334323432344343062
4ATeam, Jeebong44244334331344343*3443263
5ALederhosen, Team5434453343524432*44443166
5AThe Long, Putters5434443333333*43444353366
7AHole in, None443444343332443454443467
7ARocken Wud, Team443544343343433444443367
9APatton & His, Army543444344352433454443368
10AWeapons of Grass, Destruction542543244333443554443669
11AGreen, Seekers642554244363443444443470
11AThe Fab, Fore543544244353543553343570
13AThe Back Nine, Bandits543544334353543454443671
14AFairway to, Heaven544544333353543454453772
15AKnights of, Valhalla443544344354642464443873
15AThe Tee, Partiers543544334353543465443873
17AJamaican Dream, Team543544455394554664544382
  Grip it and, Sip it (Hole: 1 Score: 3)                     
  The Long, Putters (Hole: 11 Score: 3)                    
  Lederhosen, Team (Hole: 14 Score: 2)                    
  Team, Jeebong (Hole: 15 Score: 3)                     
  The Gang, Green (Hole: 18 Score: 3)