MPSGA Applications Received for 2020
(as of 5/15/2020
Tee Preference
Grand Masters:
(age 75 & up)
Aaron, Jim Forward
Ahern, Tom Forward
Bennett, Wayne Forward
Briegel, Jim Forward
December, Tom Forward
DeFever, Morris Forward
Donnelly, Ray Forward
Egan, Tim Forward
Fenby, Jerry Forward
Forbes, Larry Forward
Frontier, Greg Forward
Galsterer, Jack Forward
Hajduk, Dan Forward
Jardine, William Middle
King, Doug Forward
Masini, Don Forward
Massey, Ron Forward
McCall, Brian Forward
McQuarrie, Neil Forward
Moore, Dan Forward
Nettleton, Bud Forward
Ouellette, Don Forward
Page, Cliff Forward
Phillips, Mike Back
Pilon, Tom Forward
Retman, Richard Forward
Runde, Jim Forward
Schulte, George Forward
Schwope, William Forward
Singer, Tom Forward
Smith, Steve Forward
Suggs, Jerry Forward
Williams, Ron Forward
Winters, Everett Forward
                                         (age 70-74)
Abdoo, Dennis Middle
Allen, Thom Middle
Aubry, Jim Middle
Beckman, Gary Back
Berger, Dave Forward
Bisby, Randall Forward
Brown, J. B. Middle
Carli, Carl Forward
Chambless, John Forward
Cykowski, Mark Middle
Denton, Pat Forward
Dupke, Larry Forward
Fox, Jon Forward
Germond, Steve Forward
Govert, John Forward
Harrison, Pat Middle
Hertel, Bob Forward
Hicks, Harry Forward
Jetchick, Bill Forward
Kenealy, Mike Back
Lanker, Terry Forward
Lifter, Mark Forward
Lima, Joe Middle
Llewellyn, Ted Forward
Lombardo, Thomas Forward
Lozo, Craig Middle
Malvitz, William Middle
Mattison, Jim Forward
McTear, Dave Middle
Miarka, Larry Middle
Miller, Mark Forward
Morrow, Bob Middle
Mulcahy, Pat Middle
Nannini, Rich Middle
Noble, Frank Forward
Pavlat, Dan Forward
Pesta, Ken Middle
Piasecki, Dave Middle
Prince, Don Middle
Pulliam, Dave Forward
Roley, Roger Forward
Ruelle, Dave Middle
Seger, Jim Forward
Skuba, Dennis Forward
Sobieski, Stephen Middle
Stadtmiller, Marty Middle
Sutherland, Dan Middle
Teeter, Alan Forward  
Toswell, Allan Forward
Tuttle, William Middle
Winfield, Doug Forward
Winfield, Gordon Forward
                                             (age 65-69)
Angeloff, Joe Middle
Baldwin, Dave Forward
Baker, Robert Forward
Bisby, Wayne Forward
Bonfils, Thomas Forward
Bremer, Bob Middle
Carpenter, Greg Forward
Codere, Mark Back
Cooper, Willy Middle
Dedenbach, Joel Middle
DeMara, Rick Forward
Dunn, Marty Middle
Genung, Chris Back
Hibdon, Mike Forward
Hollander, Tom Forward
Humenny, Gary Middle
Iovan, Mark Middle
Jones, Steve Middle
Kuehn, Brian Middle
Mann, Mark Middle
Martin, Ron Back
McComas, Greg Middle
Mlynarczyk, Jim Middle
Northcutt, Mike Middle
O'Neill, Kevin Middle
Orders, Dan Forward
Pratt, John Back
Reifert, Fritz Middle
Smith, Mark Forward
Spahn, Jim Middle
Sterniak, Ron Back
Stewart, Jim Middle
Sweet, Michael Middle
Tate, Gordon Middle
Thomas, Kevin Back
Thompson, Bradley Back
Tilden, Kyle Back
Trim, Jeff Middle
                                            (age 50-64)
Ash, Paul Middle
Benham, Dave Back
Bills, Walter Alen Middle
Birkle, Eric Back
Borchardt, Sean Back
Brackins, Rick Back
Cheaney, Larry Middle
Craig, Michael Back
Crooks, Richard Back
DeFever, David Middle
DeFever, Larry Middle
Daniel, Richard Back
DeSantis, Tony Middle
Deschaine, Mark Back
Donohue, Dan Back
Eberline, Rob Back
Fosdick, David Middle
Gabriele, John Middle
Grace, Mike Back
Green, Billy Back
Grogan, Brian Middle
Kidder, Mike Middle
Ladensack, Dave Back
Malm, Andrew Middle
Mamayek, Corky Back
Moore, Mick Back
Moro, Perry Middle
Nichols, Sam Middle
Peters, Dave Middle
Przybylski, Michael Back
Reeves, Ron Back
Robb, Dale Back
Ryan, Kevin Back
Ryding, Al Back
Salters, Dave Middle
Steele, Rick Back
Soulliere, Todd Back
Timm, Kevin Back
Tranzow, Jerry Back
Twombley, Garry Back
Van Cleave, Tom Back
Vergin, Russ Middle
Ward, Don Middle
Weisenbach, Stephen Middle
Wiley, Matt Back  
Williams, Eric Middle
Williams, Paul Middle
Williams, Tom Middle
Zettel, Mark Middle
*Note: Age Grouping as of 5/12/2020
(at start of season)
Single Day Tournament Entries**            Thru    >>> 5/15/2020
Pheasant Run G.C. Cancelled
Golden Fox @ Fox Hills (Closed) Cancelled
Huron Meadows Metropark Cancelled
Indian Springs Metropark 98
Huntmore GC (Closed) Full - 2/24/2020
Whispering Willows GC 87
Links at Gateway 100
Stony Creek Metropark 89
Marsh Oaks [@ Oak Ridge] 80
Golden Hawk GC & Banquet Center 76
Fieldstone GC of Auburn Hills (Closed) Full - 2/24/2020
Dunham Hills GC 101
Eagle Crest Resort (Closed) Full - 3/6/2020
Greystone GC & Banquet Center 104
** (# Full = 108)