This year’s Annual Meeting will not be like our meetings in the past.  Due to the pandemic we will not be able to have a large group meeting so we are having a paper meeting instead.

Upon check-in you will receive a packet of papers which will cover all of the topics we would normally go over in a group setting.  Here is a list of what you as a voting member of MPSGA, will receive upon check-in on Thursday morning:

1 – A cover letter explaining what’s in each packet and what actions you, as a voting member, need to take

2 – A voting ballot for four items (to vote, you only need to circle Yes or No for each item):

a.       Approval of the minutes from the September 17, 2019, Annual Meeting

b.      Approval of the Treasurer’s Report

c.       Election of Russ Vergin to the Board of Directors to fill a vacancy for a 2-year term

d.      Re-election of the following 4 Board members for new 3-year terms

1.       Mark Miller

2.       Tom Pilon

3.       Dave Pulliam

4.       Ron Williams

e.      At the bottom of the ballot there is space for you to write down any topic that you would like the Board of Directors to discuss at one of our monthly meetings

3 – A copy of the September 17, 2019, Annual Meeting minutes

4 – A copy of the Treasurer’s Report

5 – A copy of the Handicap Committee Report

6 – A copy of the Match Play Report, The State Tournament Report, a comment about the 2021 Tournament schedule and a list of this year’s Annual Award winners for Gross Players of the Year, the Briegel Cup and Net Player of the Year


Going forward, we are always interested in knowing of members who would be willing to volunteer their time and expertise to work as MPSGA Board members.


If this is something you would have an interest in doing, please note this willingness to one of the current Board members so we can follow up with you as openings occur.  It can be a satisfying experience.



There will be a “Ballot Box” for you to deposit your completed ballot