MPSGA Applications Received for 2021
(as of 8/5/21)
Aaron, Jim Great Grandmaster Forward
Abdoo, Dennis Legend Middle
Abeska, Gary Senior Back
Ahern, Tom Great Grandmaster Forward
Allen, Thom Legend Back
Angeloff, Joe Super Senior Middle
Ash, Paul Senior Middle
Aubry, Jim Legend Middle
Baker, Robert Legend Forward
Bakian, Bruce Legend Back
Baldwin, Dave Super Senior Forward
Beckman, Gary Legend Back
Benham, Dave Super Senior Back
Bennett, Wayne Grand Master Middle
Berezak, Mike Super Senior Middle
Berger, David Legend Forward
Bills, Walter Senior Middle
Birkle, Eric Senior Back
Birrell, Jack Super Senior Middle
Bisby, Michael Senior Back
Bisby, Randall Legend Forward
Bisby, Wayne Super Senior Forward*
Bonfils, Thomas Super Senior Forward
Bremer, Robert Legend Middle
Briegel, Jim Great Grandmaster Forward
Brown, J. B. Legend Middle
Butkovich, Joseph Senior Middle
Carpenter, Greg Legend Forward
Chambless, John Legend Forward
Cheaney, Larry Senior Middle
Cloutier, Gary Grand Master Middle*
Coatta, Richard Super Senior Back
Codere, Mark Super Senior Back
Cooper, Willy Super Senior Middle
Crooks, Richard Senior Back
Cykowski, Mark Grand Master Middle
Daniel, Rich Senior Back
David, Albert Super Senior Middle
Davis, Roger Super Senior Middle
Dedenbach, Joel Legend Middle
DeFever, David Senior Middle
DeFever, Larry Super Senior Middle
DeFever, Morris Great Grandmaster Forward
DeMara, Rich Super Senior Forward
Denton, Pat Legend Change to Middle
DeRiso, Mike Senior Middle
DeSantis, Tony Senior Back
Donnelly, Ray Grand Master Forward
Donohue, Dan Senior Back
Dupke, Larry Grand Master Middle
Eberline, Robert Senior Back*
Fedoronko, Brian Senior Back
Fenby, Jerry Great Grandmaster Change to Middle
Forbes, Larry Great Grandmaster Forward
Fosdick, David Senior Middle
Fox, Jon Grand Master Middle
Frontier, Greg Grand Master Forward
Fuller, James Senior Back
Galsterer, Jack Great Grandmaster Forward
Gardner, Ken Legend Forward*
Gartner, John Senior Middle
Genung, Chris Super Senior Back
Germond, Steve Legend Forward
Govert, John Legend Forward
Green, Billy Senior Back
Grogan, Brian Senior Middle
Hertel, Bob Legend Forward
Hibdon, Mike Legend Forward
Hicks, Harry Legend Change to Back
Hollander, Tom Super Senior Middle
Horn, Mike Senior Back
Humenny, Gary Legend Middle
Huston, Lee Super Senior Forward
Iovan, Mark Super Senior Change to Middle
Iovan, Stephen Senior Middle*
Iovan, Tim Senior Middle*
Jacob, Lynn Grand Master Forward*
Jetchick, Bill Legend Forward
Jones, Steve Super Senior Middle*
Kaspor, Al Legend Middle
Kenealy, Mike Legend Middle
Kidder, Mike Senior Middle
Kohmescher, Gerald Senior Back
Krainz, Sherman Super Senior Back
Kuehn, Brian Super Senior Middle
Lanker, Terry Legend Forward
Leach, Tim Senior Back
Levan, Jerry Great Grandmaster Forward
Lifter, Mark Grand Master Forward
Lombardo, Tom Legend Forward
Malm, Andrew Senior Middle
Mamayek, Corky Senior Back
Mandeville, Jim Senior Middle
Mann, Mark Super Senior Middle
Marshall, Charles Senior Back
Martin, Ron Super Senior Middle
Masini, Don Great Grandmaster Forward
Mattison, Jim Grand Master Forward
McCall, Brian Grand Master Forward
McComas, Greg Super Senior Middle
McCullough, Charles Grand Master Middle*
McQuarrie, Neil Grand Master Forward
McTear, David Legend Middle
Meyer, Jeff Grand Master Change to Forward
Miarka, Larry Legend Middle
Miller, Mark Legend Forward
Mlynarczyk, Jim Legend Middle
Moore, Dan Great Grandmaster Forward
Moore, Mick Senior Back
Moores, Tom Senior Back
Moro, Perry Super Senior Middle
Morrow, Bob Legend Forward
Moug, Glenn Senior Back
Mulcahy, Pat Legend Middle
Mullett, Don Super Senior Change to Forward
Nannini, Rich Legend Middle
Nannini, Scott Senior Middle
Nichols, Sam Senior Middle
Northcutt, Mike Super Senior Middle
O'Neill, Kevin Super Senior Middle
Orders, Dan Legend Forward
Ouellette, Don Great Grandmaster Forward
Page, Cliff Grand Master Forward
Pavlat, Dan Legend Forward
Pesta, Ken Legend Middle*
Peters, David Senior Middle
Phillips, Mike Grand Master Back
Piasecki, Dave Legend Middle
Pilon, Tom Grand Master Forward
Piorkowski, Frank Super Senior Middle
Prince, Don Legend Middle
Przybylski, Michel Senior Back
Pulliam, Dave Grand Master Forward
Reeves, Ron Senior Back
Reifert, Fritz Super Senior Back
Retman, Richard Grand Master Forward
Rhodes, Mark Senior Back
Ringer, Joe Senior Middle
Robb, Dale Senior Back
Roley, Roger Legend Forward
Ruelle, Dave Legend Middle
Runde, Jim Grand Master Forward
Ryan, Kevin Senior Back
Ryding, Al Senior Back
Sande, Chris Senior Back
Semik, Chris Senior Back
Shadduck, Jim Senior Back
Shunkwiler, Kim Legend Middle
Singer, Tom Grand Master Forward
Skuba, Dennis Grand Master Forward
Sliwka, Dave Senior Back*
Smith, Steve Great Grandmaster Forward
Sobieski, Stephen Legend Middle
Soulliere, Todd Senior Back
Spahn, Jim Super Senior Middle
Stadtmiller, Marty Legend Middle
Steele, Rick Senior Back
Sterniak, Ron Legend Back*
Stewart, Jim Super Senior Middle
Suggs, Jerry Grand Master Forward*
Sutherland, Dan Legend Back
Sweet, Mike Super Senior Middle
Tate, Gordon Super Senior Middle
Teeter, Alan Legend Forward
Thompson, Bradley Super Senior Back
Tilden, Kyle Super Senior Back
Tollis, Daniel Super Senior Back
Toswell, Allan Legend Forward
Tranzow, Jerry Senior Back
Trim, Jeff Super Senior Middle
Tuttle, William Legend Middle*
Van Cleave, Tom Senior Back
Vena, John Senior Middle
Vergin, Russ Senior Middle
Ward, Don Senior Back
Weisenbach, Stephen Super Senior Middle
Wiley, Matt Senior Back
Williams, Eric Senior Middle*
Williams, Paul Senior Middle
Williams, Ron Grand Master Forward
Williams, Tom Super Senior Middle
Winfield, Gordy Legend Forward*
Winfield, Doug Legend Forward
Winters, Everett Great Grandmaster Change to Middle
Zettel, Mark Senior Middle
What course lengths should I play?  
  The USGA and other golf organizations (including the MPSGA) now suggest that the ideal course length for 
seniors is 28 times that of a well hit drive.  (The one they hit now - not the one they used to hit.)
  Using this formula, players with drives in the 185-200 range should select the forward tees at 5,200-5,500,
those with drives in the 200-215 range should select the middle tees at 5,600-5,900 and those with drives
over 215 should select the back tees at 6,000-6,300.