2021 MPSGA Position on Competition & Course Set-Up


 In an effort to make the game both competitive and enjoyable for all, the MPSGA will use three sets of tees at the 2021 tournaments.   One set will be 6,000-6,300 yards, a second at 5600-5,900 yards and a third at 5,200-5,500 yards.


 Depending on the size of the field, we expect to have three or four net flights and five age based gross competitions.


Net Competition:


As all players have the option of selecting their tee preference, course handicaps will be adjusted for net competition between players using different tees.  The back tees will be the “base” for all flights -- with the players selecting the middle and forward tees having their course handicaps reduced accordingly using the standard USGA procedure.


Gross Competition:


        There will be gross competition for Seniors (age 50 & up), Super-Seniors (age 65 & up), Legends (age 70 & up) Grand Masters (age 75 & up) and Great Grandmasters (age 80 & up).  All players are eligible, but the course rating adjustment will be made to allow for equitable competition between those playing different course lengths.  This adjustment is expected to be about two strokes between the back and middle tees and another two strokes between the middle and forward tees.  Additionally, our Briegel Cup competition will recognize the best gross scores relative to each player’s age.  


If we know in advance the weather conditions will be especially difficult, shorter tees may be considered.  Generally the courses we play in the spring will be at shorter distances than those we play in the summer.  In all cases we plan to conduct tournaments that are in full compliance with USGA principles.


Other factors having an influence on course set-up will be:


           *  A desire to vary the distances on the par 3’s.

           *  A desire to vary the distances on the par 4 & 5’s.

           *  A desire to avoid back-ups on individual holes.

           *  A desire to maintain the character & integrity of each course.

           *  A desire to maintain the character & integrity of signature holes.


Our overall goal is to provide a tournament course that will not only challenge our varying skills and appreciate the course we are playing, but also contribute to good gross and net competition for all seniors regardless of age, index or comfort zone in terms of course length.




What course lengths should I play? 


      The USGA and other golf organizations (including the MPSGA) now suggest that the ideal course length for most seniors is about 28 times that of a well-hit drive.  (The one they hit now -- not the one they used to hit)


       Using this formula, players with drives in the 185-200 range should select the forward tees at 5,200-5,500, those with drives in the 200-215 range should select the middle tees at 5,600-5,900 and those with drives over 215 should select the back tees at 6,000-6,300. 


                                                                                                                                                MPSGA – 2/5/2021