MPSGA - 2021 President’s Letter



Subject:  A letter from Tom Ahern regarding the MPSGA and our 2021 plans.


Who is the MPSGA?


The Michigan Publinx Seniors Golf Association is a volunteer non-profit organization with a 45-year history providing competitive amateur golf tournaments for Michigan seniors, men 50 & older.


     Our purposes are consistent with those of the USGA:


          1.  To provide competitive golf opportunities for the membership.

          2.  To increase knowledge and awareness of the rules and traditions of golf.

          3.  To promote those values of the game which relate to good health, friendship and fair play.


MPSGA 2021 Board of Directors:


The 2021 board is made up of a number of very qualified individuals of varied backgrounds who volunteer a good deal of time to make the organization successful.


A summary of their positions and the activities that they volunteer to oversee is shown on the web site in the general information section.


Plans for 2021:


Our golf in 2020 was a real challenge.  Your Directors did their best to institute procedures to keep us safe and still retain good gross & net competition as well as try to maintain our longstanding traditional camaraderie.   Thank you to all the 2020 members for your patience and support.


We are proceeding with plans for 2021 without knowing for sure what the year will bring from a health standpoint.  While there is meaningful optimism, we believe we still need to retain flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.  For most of the tournaments we are scheduling shotgun starts but some could be changed to crossovers or straight starting times.  Again this year, the health of all of our members will be a top priority.  We will continue to follow all CDC, State of Michigan, GAM and Michigan Golf Alliance guidelines.


The 2021 schedule and a downloadable application have been added to the web site “”.  While not completely finalized, we want to give our existing & past members a chance to lock in their choices before we start to recruit new members outside the current base and the tournaments fill. 


Please note:


1.  Popular courses Cherry Creek, Northville Hills, Fellows Creek, Pine Knob, Chemung Hills, Pheasant Run, Huron Meadows and Lyon Oaks have been added to the single day tournament schedule.  We will be returning to Indian Springs, Stony Creek, Eagle Crest, Polo Fields, Gateway, Dunham Hills and Fieldstone.  Fifteen tournaments are scheduled.


2.  These events will rotate between Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays. There will be varied starting times and formats as noted on the application.


3.  We continue to allow members the flexibility to pick & choose among the tournaments that best fit their schedule.  As in past years, we strive to select high quality courses at reasonable prices and provide all the members with full GAM & USGA privileges.  Although our costs in 2021 are expected to be up slightly, we plan to hold our pricing at the 2020 levels.  After factoring in payments to our host courses, to your gift certificates, to skins, to publications and to GAM/USGA memberships, the overhead costs are projected to be minimal again next year.


4.  In filling out your 2021 application, please check to see if you have a 2021 credit from cancelled tournaments or withdrawals in 2020.  A list of the 2020 credits is shown on the updated 2021 “” web site.


5.  Next year we expect to have a larger spread in the distances between the back, middle and forward trees.  The back tees are expected to be in the 6,100-6,400 range, the middle tees in the 5,700-6,000 range and the forward tees in the 5,300-5,600 range.  Player course handicaps will be adjusted accordingly.   Our goal is to get back to a somewhat equal spread where approximately 1/3 of the field is on each tee.  Considering age, handicap and comfort level, please confirm your preferred tees on your 2021 application based on these ranges.  A corresponding USGA course handicap adjustment will be made for the shorter yardages, as the back tees will still be used as the base.  A number of you who selected the forward tees last year may want to switch to the middle tees this year?  And, some who preferred the middle tees last year may want to switch to the back tees?


6.  The 3-day Match Play tournament will return to the Pohlcat Course in Mt. Pleasant on July 26 (Mon), 27 (Tue) and 28 (Wed).  Tournament headquarters will be at the Holiday Inn with special rates for contestants.


7.  The 3-day MPSGA State Seniors Open-Amateur championship will return to the A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort the week before Labor Day on Aug 30 (Mon), Aug 31 (Tue) and Sept 1 (Wed) 2021.  The first and third rounds are planned at the Sundance Course with the middle round at the Charlevoix Country Club.  Tournament headquarters will be at the main A-Ga-Ming facility overlooking Torch Lake with special rates for contestants from Aug 29 to Sept 1.


8.  The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 16 in Taylor - at Lakes of Taylor.  We are planning a 9 AM shotgun start for golf, with our business meeting and dinner in the afternoon.


9.  The 2021 Challenge Cup pitting the MPSGA against the Indiana State Seniors GA has been scheduled for September 20/21 at Glendarin Hills GC in Angola, Indiana.  The automatic qualifiers for the MPSGA’s Team Michigan will again be selected from several of the MPSGA’s 2021 players of the year competitions.  (Senior, Super-Senior, Legend, Grand Master)


10.  Changes are starting to be made to the website, “” and more will be forthcoming.   Please take a minute to visit this website every once in a while to stay current on all of the 2021 plans & updates.


There is a requirement that you sign up for at least 4 of these 18 tournaments, so we can accept your application and payment immediately.  (As in past years, anyone signing up for 3 or fewer tournaments that are not 2021 members of the GAM through a separate organization will have their payments held to April 15, 2021 and then only processed if openings still exist) 


If you have close friends whom you think might want to join us, please go ahead and forward this information to them. 


We would also suggest you keep a copy of your application so you can confirm your tournaments are registered correctly in the Golf Genius Tournament Management system at the start of the season next year.


Hopefully this note finds you and your family safe.  Have a happy holiday season. 


All of us on the BOD look forward to seeing you on the course and in our tournaments in 2021.